What We've Been Up To

Gravestones and RTI

Jack joined the group as part of his work experience this Summer and spent time in Crediton generating some novel images. Best of luck in your exams!

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24th July 2018

New Website

New academic year and new challenges for RTI including expanding our services and reporting on our work requires an update to our site. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

20th July 2018

Summer on Campus with the RTI Group

Talia Sullens is one of four Exeter Undergraduates choosing to spend their Summer with the RTI Group on an EPSRC Summer Vacation Bursary.

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8th August 2017

Making a Movie

Over the last 7 weeks, myself and two other undergraduate students, Talia Sullens and Thomas Archer, have been working with the RTI group. Alongside developing our own understanding of RTI, we were tasked with producing educational videos that will help us teach others what RTI is, and how we use it.

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8th August 2017

NatSci Student Conference

Last week The University of Exeter hosted the annual NatSci Student Conference. Kony, Alizee and Robyn were there with a poster in practice for their assessment next month.

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9th April 2017

A Matter of Scale

Imaging a biological specimen in high detail at the cellular level can be a daunting task as undergraduate project student Casey Russell has discovered.

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16th March 2017

What are you Doing this Summer?

EPSRC vacation bursaries now available for Exeter University Students wishing to undertake paid, Summer research with the RTI Group at The University of Exeter.

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22nd March 2017

Can you Help me Tattoo Pig Skin?

Kony was tasked with attempting to tattoo pig skin. She discovered that it's harder than it sounds.

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19th February 2017

How Shiny is Shiny?

Quantification of the shininess of sample is very important for investigations in RTI but what exactly is shininess?

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9th February 2017

Is a Portable Dome Possible?

The RTI technique is frequently used in archaeology, palaeontology, forensics, and any other field where you are interested in seeing enhanced surface details. Often the object wanting to be imaged is very small, for example, a fingerprint.

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1st February 2017

Reflectance Transformation Imaging – Brief Overview

So what is RTI for the uninitiated? Alizee Baumert, project student at the RTI Group has written the following white paper on what it is, how it works and where it is currently used.

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30th January 2017

A Workaround for RTIBuilder 2.0.2 on MacOS Sierra

If you can not open the latest RTIBuilder on the latest Mac versions and receiving something like the following image, we have a workaround (scroll down if impatient). What follows is some context in case you are interested.

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18th January 2017

We have Moved

This week the RTI Group have moved into our new lab in Hope Hall. The extra space was needed due to the increase in student numbers and the completion of our new dome.

Details of our new address can be found here.

Thank you to Andrew, Dan and Anthony from Campus Services for helping with move.

12th January 2017

Our New Dome is Completed

Our new, custom made, larger than large RTI dome is complete!

Over a metre wide and containing 80 LEDs our new dome is capable of taking RTI images in minutes without the need for moving of flashes by hand.

Many thanks to Pete Armitage for all his hard work with the electronic controller.

8th January 2017

Field testing in collaboration with Balkan Heritage Foundation

We ran a workshop in the field in Bulgaria with illuminating results.

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19th November 2016