Welcome to the RTI Group

Welcome to the RTI Group

The group consists of a range of personnel from various disciplines including computer science, archaeology, natural science, physics and chemistry who combined are attempting to:

  • increase the ability of reflectance transformation imaging (RTI) in terms of clarity and speed of acquisition, for example.
  • push the utility of RTI through production of more mobile and cheaper systems and education of the technique, to ultimately:
  • discover more through RTI!

What is RTI?

RTI consists of taking images using a fixed camera and a moving flash to create a set of images that are then compiled to generate a new images with startling topographic clarity.

This process is made easier through the use of a dome. A video showing our largest dome can be seen here. We have a range of camera and domes for various purposes, these include:

  • archaeological finds including Roman graffiti.
  • prehistoric axe heads.
  • forensic residues.
  • fungal growths.
  • many, many, more.